Company Profile

Samcor Customs Consultants was established on June 10th 2003. Our first assignment, as consultants for FedEx NZ, we were asked to develop Standard Operating Procedures, provide staff training and submit proposals to increase productivity and efficiency within their Customs Organisation. A project that would see the first 12 months of Samcors inception. From that day forward we have grown and developed to become a significant player within the International Freight Forwarding and Customs brokerage Industry. 

In 2004 and with the support from many freight forwarders, we became contractors to undertake their Customs Clearances, in particular those companies who do not have a Customs Clearance house within their organisation. This would later become our prime revenue collector which has enabled Samcor to sucessfully operate. To this day, we are still providing this service, which has allowed us to build a relationship with these forwarders and extend our services to the retail market of Import and Export shipping and air freighting.

This transition, which we made in 2010, has certainly been hard but we now have a regular database of customers who are using our international forwarding services, from the many worldwide lane segments that we offer. It is here that the company can see how demanding and competitive our industry is. We know that our pricing structure is as competitive as the next freight forwarder and our service levels are of the highest standard, as gauged by the retention of our customers and the ever growing numbers on our database.  

Company Mission Statement:

To provide and maintain a quality service, through customer interaction and communication.

To provide the best advise and up-to-date information on the latest developments of Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding.

To strive for excellence and reliability, exceeding customer expectations and resulting in customer satisfaction.

To ensure that the best competitive rates are consistent and fair with today’s market prices.